Mastering Tough Vocabulary for O Levels.


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Compiled For O Levels
Contents 230 Tests divided into 6 different parts, namely Adverbs, Adjectives, Nouns, Present tense, Past tense and Continuous tense.
Pages 320 Pages. Size 26 x 19 cm.
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About this book O Level Tough Vocabulary is designed especially for students to achieve a higher level of vocabulary knowledge. Designed to be tougher than most other books of a similar nature, the objective is to challenge the learner to master tougher than usual English words so as to be able to comprehend and write essays using a higher standard of English. Questions are deliberately set in a sensible manner that provides clear clues to the correct answer. Words with more than 1 meaning are set in separate questions so that the learner will expand his range of understanding of such words. When the need arises, the learner can also refer to a supporting section at the back of the book entitled “Quick-Aid-List”, in which the meaning of the words in the tests are provided according to the context it is used in However, learners are encouraged to try their best to answer the questions before resorting to the “Quick Aid List”. Otherwise, the whole point of this exercise is defeated. We hope that the learner will find this book a fun and stimulating challenge.
Examining Board University of Cambridge International Examinations.

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