GCE O Level Biology KEY POINTS


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Compiled For O Levels
Contents 20 Topics, Learning Objectives, Overview of the Topic, Sample Questions with Solutions & Explanations.
Pages 312 Pages. Size 26 x 19 cm.
Type Topic by Topic
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About this book Biology Key Points offers the student a complete guide to aid preparation for the upcoming GCE O Level examinations. Each chapter begins with EXPECTATIONS for the chapter. There is also a list of USEFUL WEBSITES for further research on the topic. Next comes OVERVIEW OF THE CHAPTER in tabular form. The book is geared towards tables as it helps to give the student the ability to analyse, interpret and draw conclusions from the study material. An exercise consisting of QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS relating to the topic follows reflecting the trend that is commonly found in the examination papers. EXAM TIPS are available at the end of each question to point out the common mistakes, so that it can be avoided when the student sits for the examinations. We wish the students the best results for the upcoming examinations!
Examining Board University of Cambridge International Examinations.
Special Feature Useful Websites, Exam Tips.

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