GCE Advanced Vocabulary for O Levels.


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Compiled For O Levels or Classes 10 & 11.
Contents 400 Tests categorized into 10 different parts.
Pages 336 Pages. Size 26 x 19 cm.
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About this book This book is designed especially for those in secondary four (O levels) who wish to build on their knowledge of new words. The book is deliberately set at a standard higher than the ‘O’ levels. The objective of this book is to allow the learner to master an advanced level of vocabulary so that he is able to apply the new impressionable words during examinations to make his mark. With a total of 400 tests categorised into 10 different parts, this book provides more than sufficient practice for the vocabulary learner, by focusing on a specific type of vocabulary usage in each section. This allows the learner to have a sharpened sense of the different types of vocabulary usage, and at the same time develops an extensive collection of new words.
Examining Board University of Cambridge International Examinations.

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